Mayonnaise Flavored Ice Cream Has Mixed Reviews

There seems to be new ice cream flavors cropping up each month. And while there are some flavors that hit the right mark as original and flavorful, there are some flavors that have some people apprehensive. A gelateria in Scotland named ICE Falkirk was determined to create an original flavor for their shop. And their latest one has everyone reeling as they developed a new Mayonnaise flavored ice cream.


Their newest flavor from their attention-grabbing limited edition line has been the subject of a lot of trepidation. While others have been curious to see what that flavor could possibly taste like there are others that have immediately hated the flavor and are seemingly grossed out by the idea of ice cream with mayo flavor. Judging from the reaction of the comments in their Instagram, the flavor is very polarizing with people either loving or hating the idea completely.


Mayonnaise is already quite an acquired taste, some people prefer to put mayo on anything, while others are baffled by the condiment and stay away from it as much as possible. The idea of making a dessert from such a divisive ingredient is indeed original but so many people have already turned down the idea just by seeing in on social media. One comment sums it up for all the mayo-haters out there:

“I’m going to report this page for hate content,” wrote one user on social media. “How dare you desecrate the honor of ice cream with this monstrosity? Ew! No!”

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