Grandmother Goes Viral Because of Her Pool Cleaning Life Hack

A grandmother from Ohio has garnered online fame thanks to her amazing life hack of cleaning a pool. She posted the hack on social media where people from all over the world have shared and liked the ingenious innovation. Soon the post went viral. Her trick involved the use of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the pool quickly and easily.


“I put the sponge inside the skimmer basket for 24 hours,” said Grandmother Lisa Pack in an interview, “By the next day, I pulled it out and the green steps were crisp white and the water was crystal clear.” The trick has since been spread online and people have raved about how simple and effective it has been for their pools as well. Pack said she was inspired to do this because her grandkids who are 4-years old and 17-years old love to play in her swimming pool.

“Family time means the most to me,” she said. “They just have so much fun and spending time with them is definitely what counts for me.” Pack said that she used to spend at least 45 min each week cleaning the pool. But every time the pool eventually became grimy and green.


“My pool’s never been clear, it just doesn’t stay clear for some reason,” she explained. “I do live around a lot of trees. Just by mowing your grass, it’s always going to get a bit dirty here and there.” Then her daughter suggested she put a Magic Eraser inside the skimmer basket overnight and it worked wonders.

“There’s nothing,” Pack said. “There’s no green, there’s no slime on the bottom. There was no green in sight — it was amazing. People think I’m probably crazy for trying this, but it works.”

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