Masterfully Colorized Images of Historic Figures…

Photos that are in black and white have their own appeal and artistry. B&W photos look classic and vintage. The gray scale also paints the picture of a person or place with a certain historical gravity. It is one of the reasons why some photographers prefer to use black and white even to this day.

But adding color to an important picture has an effect that brings it to life, especially if it is a portrait of a person. The colors add a vibrant dimension and emphasize features that you may not have noticed from a black and white photo. Here are a few iconic and significant black and white photos that have been colorized.

Claude Monet

This picture of Claude Monet was taken in 1923. Monet was the father of French Impressionist painting, and among the most influential artists of his time. He is seen here posing with two of his paintings, which would one day be valued in the millions.

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