Man Suffers Rare “Tree Bark” Skin Disease, Then Surgeons Make a Miraculous Transformation

Let’s face it, the world of medicine is a mystery to those of us without a medical degree. From strange heart conditions to Mad Cow and Laughing Disease, there are some pretty wild medical maladies in existence. Sometimes, however, a disease is discovered that stumps us all, from your average joe to the most advanced of medical doctors. Such was the case for Abul Bajandar, also know as “The Treeman” after displaying wild symptoms of bark-like growths from his hands and feet…


The Tree Man

Abul Bajandar has not always had things easy, this is because Abul suffers from an extremely rare medical condition, which has left him suffering from a life filled with unbearable pain. After undergoing countless surgeries, though, Bajandar’s quality of life has been drastically improved…

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