Man Smuggles Cat onto Plane and Almost Gets Away with It—Until He Posts About It on Faceboook

A Russian man's frequent flier status was revoked after he smuggled a very fat cat onto the plane.

Mikhail Galin and his cat Viktor were on a flight from Riga to Moscow, then Moscow to Vladivostok. The first leg of the flight went without incident, but Viktor wasn't particularly happy with the idea of being in the air. He was ill and "did not understand what was happening."

When the two reached Moscow, they were informed that Viktor would have to be put in the luggage hold for the following flight because he was too heavy to ride in the cabin. Concerned Viktor would not make it through the flight if he was alone, Galin found an "understudy cat" that he held through security and then switched the cats back before he boarded the plane.

Once the plane landed, Galin and Viktor were successful in their deceit—until Galin detailed his exploits on Facebook. The scheme gained the attention of Aeroflot, who looked into the matter. Galin was then removed from the frequent flier program and "all of the miles collected during his time in the program [were] annulled."

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