Man Reconsiders Entire Relationship After Seeing His Wife’s Childhood Photos

By 2 years ago

Love can certainly be a rollercoaster ride—especially for Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders, who thought they knew everything about one another…but soon, their world was turned upside down.

Blast to the Past

Amy grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. When she was in preschool, Amy had a crush on a boy in her class. Their kindergarten romance was adorable. They ate lunch together, played with building blocks, and chased each other during tag in the schoolyard at recess. Over thirty years have passed since then, but Amy’s teacher still remembers the pair and their sweet dalliance…

Young Love

Diane Tar, once-owner and teacher at Sunshine Preschool, had quite a bit to say about them: “They had a blast with each other. It was a quiet, bashful romance. They liked each other from afar, it was a young love, like a sweet crush.” However, both Amy and her beau went opposite ways after graduating kindergarten…

Moving On

Amy moved away for college. In the interim, she had forgotten all about her preschool crush. Amy flew through a myriad of bad relationships throughout her adulthood—it arrived at a point where here friends began to advise Amy against pursuing romances that could result in hurt and pain…that is, until Amy met Justin.

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