Man pays of $10k Worth of Layaway Orders at Toy Store

In New Jersey, a man made sure that a lot of families and children would be able to get their Christmas gifts on time. This Good Samaritan played Secret Santa to dozens of families and children by paying for more than $10,000 worth of toys on layaway orders at a local toy store. Layaway orders are orders made ahead of time, essentially reserving the item with the payment to be given later.


The generous man went by the name Charlie K. Earlier this week, he walked into a Toys R Us store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and told the staff members there that he wanted to pay off all of the layaway orders that they had. Charlie ended up paying for 62 layaway orders made to the store, with the grand total amounting to $10,780.

“They come over and tell me someone actually paid the layaway,” said Jessica Jey, who had a big box of toys on layaway for her kids. “It’s definitely an early Christmas and I want to say thank you to the gentleman that came in and donated it’s like the best feeling thank you.”


“Just you trying to bring some happiness to people. That’s really it. Help bring back to the community that brought so much happiness to me and my family,” Charlie said. Charlie didn’t stop with just the layaway orders. Before leaving the store, he also had everyone in there choose three items for him to purchase for the charity Toys for Tots.

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