Man Offers Free Lawnmower Service Across Country

Mowing the lawn has been one of the most arduous household tasks. Even with a full functional lawnmower, it is a task that will take all day, usually under the hot sun. But now Americans who hate the arduous chore can make avail of an offer by this man. Rodney Smith Jr. loves mowing the lawn so much that he has offered to mow grass in all 50 states, completely for free. And although he has no preference, he has said that he prioritizes the lawns of single mothers, veterans, and older Americans.


Smith is based out of Hunstville, Alabama and started with mowing the lawn of his own house. Then one day, he saw an elder gentleman struggling with cutting his grass, and that’s when he first got the idea. Ever since then, he has traveled all over the country cutting grass for strangers for free. Currently, he is in Kansas City, where he recently mowed the lawn of a widow whose husband served in the Korean War. Smith has also founded an organization that would encourage young men to mow at least 50 yards of grass where they live.


“A small idea can change the world. I’m just cutting grass, I’m able, I’m able to help someone who’s not able,” said Smith Jr. “It means a lot, especially for a lot of elderly people who can’t afford to get their grass cut because they’re on fixed incomes. So when we can come here and cut their grass for free, it makes their day.”

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