Man Keeps Ex-Wife Away Using Barbed Wire and Fences

We’ve all had that one (or a couple, maybe) persistent and annoying ex who’d try just about anything to make things right again when the relationship’s already beyond redemption.

Tony, a pensioner, knows all about that, as he’s still constantly being bugged by his ex-wife. So much so that Tony has had to resort to drastic measures to keep her away.

According to A Current Affair, Tony has had to turn his home into a literal fortress.

“I’m going to extreme lengths to protect what’s mine. Good luck getting in,” he said.

To that extent, he’s installed three-meter fences covered in barbed wire, as well as a wooden catapult loaded full of lawn bowls just for good measure.

We’re not really sure what exactly pushed Tony to go to such lengths just to keep an ex-lover away, but we do agree that his ex-wife would need a whole lot of luck just to get through that.

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