Lorde’s Third Album Is in the Works

Two years ago, Lorde’s second studio album Melodrama was released into the world, and with it, a slurry of tears. On the anniversary of Melodrama‘s release, Lorde took to Instagram to reveal that a new album is on the way.

She discussed her growth as both a person and an artist since 2017’s Melodrama, saying: “I was such a baby making that work, lots of emotions and learning so much all the time. Feels like I’ve grown a lot since then, i’ve been to antarctica, i have a dog now and a cat and i can bake break and cook dinner and keep plants alive etc.”

Lorde also detailed the process of creating Melodrama: “The day it came out i did a jigsaw puzzle all day in my hotel room in NY. I felt so emptied, i didn’t really know yet that you make a record and get filled up, and then releasing it empties you.. and slowly fills you up again.”

The twenty-two-year-old then closed the note with, “Third one in the oven.”

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