London Opens Europe’s First ‘Selfieccino’ Café

Earlier this week, London opened what was to be Europe’s first selfie cappuccino café. The café offers customers the unique opportunity to come in and sip coffee on their own face. The café digitally prints out selfies of customers on the foam milk and whipped cream on top of their drinks. This selfie drink was first introduced and became viral in the Selfie Coffee Café in Singapore, and it looks like the trend has entered the European coffee scene as well.


London’s newest café is found at the Tea Terrace on Oxford Street in London. Here customers can take their selfie sticks and social media addiction with them to the coffee bar. A special high-tech printer allows the Café to print images on a frothy cappuccino in mere seconds. Ordering can be done by sending selfie image through a massaging app or allowing the barista to take a picture of you.


In the past, cappuccinos have been decorated with everything from animals, logos, messages, and even memes. There are already several cafes in Europe that offer these unique beverage decorations. In Palm Vaults in London, there are even coffees made with edible glitter.  The Tea Terrace is trying to trademark the name “Selfieccino” as their own brand and style, and they plan to sell the service at their House of Fraser location on Oxford Street. They will also offer this special drink to its two other House of Fraser locations in London and Surrey.

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