Little Girl who Lost an Eye to Cancer gets Birthday Wish in One-Eyed Doll

Brynn Munger had to overcome a lot before her third birthday. She had to fight through cancer, all the treatments, and barely survive to make it to her next birthday. But it had it costs. Brynn had lost her eye in the process. So for her third birthday she wanted something special, a doll that had the same impediment. And thanks to the efforts of a generous benefactor, she was able to get her birthday wish.

Brynn’s mom, Danielle, had contacted Jessica Sebastian, who was the owner of Sebastian Design. She asked Sebastian if she could design a bunny doll that had just one eye. According to Sebastian, she did not consider her craft to be brave or extraordinary, but through the request, she was able to provide something for a little girl who was both extraordinary and brave.

Danielle had shared to Sebastian how Brynn completely loves animals and how she wanted an animal doll for her birthday. Danielle then researched about how to order a custom made doll made, and how these kinds of dolls can help with kids and serve as a therapeutic toy. When the doll was given to Brynn on her birthday, Danielle took a picture of Brynn holding the doll and sent it to Jessica.

“She smiled so big and then she could not open the rest of her presents until we got the bunny out of her box and she could show her off to all her cousins and family,” Danielle said.”She even said the words ‘She matches me!’”

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