Daughters Surprise Deer-Loving Mom with Fawn Visit in Hospice Care

Lisa McDonald's mother is a big fan of Bambi. She's collected shirts and statues throughout her life of the adorable little deer. As she is now in hospice care, Lisa and her sister came up with the perfect idea to surprise their ailing mother. 

After coming up with the perfect idea, the sisters found a local couple, Chris and Simone, who ran a mobile petting zoo near their home in Melbourne. They asked whether the couple would be willing to bring out their fawn, who is coincidentally named Bambi, to visit with their mother. Thankfully, after their mother deteriorated suddenly, Chris and Simone quickly made their way over to make the visit happen. 

"...Simone and Chris didn’t hesitate… they drove two and a half hours to bring Bambi to meet mum," Lisa told the Daily Mail. "Out of pure love and kindness. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my mum and my family."

The sisters posted a video and some photos of the surprise to The Kindness Pandemic Facebook group where members were in awe of the loving act. 

"Brought me to tears. What a special and touching moment. Absolutely beautiful people to drive all that way for your mum to experience something so magical before she passes," one commenter wrote.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.