Katherine Heigl’s New Dog Food Line Is a New Healing Nutrition for Dogs

Katherine Heigl, an actress and animal rights activist, thinks superfoods and supplements are the bare necessities for dogs. And for all the right reasons, since dogs have specific dietary requirements. Heigl knows it very well since she has a big dog family. She has two Rottweiler puppies, and she loves telling people about her pets. The biggest dogs under Heigl's care are shepherd mixes that need hip supplements, while the tiniest are the elderly dogs with tooth loss.

The "Firefly Lane" actress spends significant time, money, and effort on her dogs' health. She makes their meals and buys only "human-grade" meal plans. Heigl needed a one-stop shop with "as many therapeutic nutrients as feasible." The actress launched Badlands Property, a high-end dog food named after her family's Utah ranch. As with her own health, she made air-dried meals and single-ingredient snacks for her dogs.

Heigl consulted a wildlife nutritionist before adding healthy additives to Badlands Ranch's nutrition. Chia and flax seeds help healthy digestion, while the "trendy" ingredients such as lion's mane mushrooms boost the immune and cognitive system.

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