Just After Giving Birth, Young Mother Notices Her Stomach Keeps Growing…

When Australian couple Eliza and Ben began to date, they had no idea that the next two years would be the craziest years of their lives.

Beautiful Young Couple

Just three months after meeting, Eliza became pregnant. An unexpected pregnancy can throw a loop in even the strongest of couples…

Firstborn Baby

Despite being together for such a short period of time, the couple was thrilled to welcome their firstborn child into the world.

Falling Hard

After baby Charlie was born, the young couple fell more in love and proved everyone wrong who doubted them.

Body Oddity

As a few weeks went on, Eliza had noticed her stomach continued to grow…

Overcoming the Obstacles

Eliza, 27, and Ben, 38, were over the moon when they found out Eliza was pregnant with their first child, believing that they could conquer anything together.

Embarking on a Journey

What was to happen next was going to change their lives forever…

Welcome Baby Charlie!

After 9 months of excitement, buying as many toys as possible, and all the diapers in the world, baby Charlie was finally here in January 2016.

Something Isn’t Right, I Know It…

It is totally normal for a mother to feel fatigued after delivering a baby.

Feeling Off

After weeks, Eliza knew something wasn’t right. She had not felt normal and knew something was up.

A Familiar Feeling…

One day everything came to a head when Eliza awoke with a terrible headache that no amount of Nurofen Plus could cure.

Identifying the Sensation

She had known what the feeling was, and it was very familiar to her.

Trying To Convince Everyone Around Her…

Everyone Eliza had talked to had said the feeling was due to her just delivering Charlie, and it was normal.

Still Growing

Eliza knew her body better than that. She wouldn’t just let it go.

“I Told You So..”

After trying to convince Ben of her symptoms, Eliza had gone to the store and bought a Clearblue pregnancy test.

Positive Or Negative?

The test was negative. But if Eliza’s unusual feelings weren’t pregnancy then what were they?


Eliza was so sure of herself that she refused to accept the initial result of the Clearblue pregnancy test. She needed answers.

Test #2 Still Doesn’t Tell Anything

Tensions were extremely high with the second Clearblue pregnancy test.

Relying on Science

Did Eliza know her body better than science did? It was time to find out…

A Trip To Visit The Doctor

The Truth

So she went to the doctors to find out mind-blowing news…

Science Was Wrong

After being together for a year, and already had had a beautiful baby boy, Ben and Eliza found out they were pregnant again! This time, there is more shocking news.


Ben and Eliza were shocked to have another baby, despite their young age and relationship. What they didn’t know was they were having twins!

Too Thrilled For Words

Eliza had always dreamed of walking through the streets of their hometown with her own little family, yet she never had a timeline on anything. Ben had always said “two children is sufficient,” but Eliza had seemed to of won this one!

Three’s Company

With fraternal twins in both Eliza and Ben’s family, neither family had ever had identical twins. It was now time to buy three sets of toys, diapers, and yes, a stroller for three babies!

The Stomach Doesn’t Lie

After coming to terms that she was going to have three children under the age of one, Eliza was nervous what her body was going to go through. As she googled “three children under one” and nothing came up, Eliza soon stopped worrying and just went with the flow of being extremely large.

Happy Grandpop!

As she couldn’t hide the stomach any longer, she had decided to tell her family. As her father thought she was going to say her and Ben were getting married, he was shocked to realize he’d be a grandfather of three! His face turned to honor and lit up the room.

Baby Jack And Wolf

On Christmas Eve of 2016, Eliza had given birth to her beautiful twin boys, Jack and Wolf. Charlie was so excited to meet his little siblings!

Time To Change Things For The Family Of 5

The couple found there were so many of them now that they could no longer fit in their car. So straight away, it was out with the old car and in with the Volkswagen family wagon – a vehicle big enough to cart them all around.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

As usual, both parents need to step up and be the best they can for their kids. That was no problem for Ben and Eliza, they seemed to make the perfect power couple and fantastic parents!

“It’s Just Like Having Triplets”

As they got nestled in their home with Charlie and the twins, Ben and Eliza once stated it is what they imagined having triplets would be like! Three children under the age of one, dirty diapers, and toys galore!

Eliza’s Bank Account And Body Have Gone Through The Mill…

She has been forced to juggle breastfeeding with changing diapers – and it’s not easy work. “I express at the moment — as the whole twin breastfeeding thing is impossible with a one-year-old crawling on you,”


In all her spare time, Eliza has written a blog about her experiences called Twingenuity, in which she recalls funny incidents that every mother will recognize.


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