John Mayer and Diplo Had a Photoshop Dispute and It Was Hilarious

Famed DJ Diplo uploaded a photo of himself to Instagram, but not without expressing his disappointment.

The photo featured Diplo relaxing in a beautiful body of water with three men in the background. Apparently, the notion of photoshop had never even crossed his mind—that’s when esteemed musician and handsome heartthrob John Mayer stepped in.

“Wow @johnmayer really came thru for me at my time of need but he wanted 400 dollars to remove the watermark,” Diplo captioned the reposted photo, which featured a huge, glaring watermark front and center. That’s when John Mayer took matters into his own hands…

…and photoshopped Diplo out of his own picture entirely. Ruthless, Mayer. But well-played nonetheless.

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