Job Offers $25 an Hour Just to Watch Sports

As most men (and some women) know, watching sports is one of the simplest and happiest pleasures in life. Whether its football, soccer, or basketball; everyone, everywhere enjoys watching some sports. If only you could get paid doing that. Well, thanks to streaming website Streaming Observer, you could very well have that job. The company is hiring a “Sports Junkie” to watch games at the comfort of your own home for $25 an hour.


The dream job entails getting paid to watch sports and evaluating your experience using different streaming services. According to the listing, the position includes “testing the best of the best streaming services and devices to find what works best for fans.” This means that the person who gets the position will be assigned to watch sports events all week, taking notes and capturing photos and videos of your experience.


The streaming service will also provide the access to the sports services so you don’t have to worry about subscribing or paying for the sports that you have to watch. The only requirements are: an internet connection, familiarity with sending and receiving email, and access to a television, a smart phone, and a computer. It also requires you to be a resident of the United States and at least 18 years of age.

The position is a lot easier than most jobs. The sports watching job from most companies require hundreds of hours of streaming to be watched, while this only requires around 10 hours a week.

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