Inside-Out Jeans is The Latest Fashion Trend

The latest internet sensation has been a new fashion trend that involves wearing jeans inside out. The pair of jeans was designed by Unravel Project and placed for sale on luxury fashion retail website Farfetch. The jeans are otherwise a normal pair of denim pants, only they are designed to be worn inside out. Aside from the bizarre design, the new fashion item has also gotten a lot of attention because of its price.


The signature pair of jeans is inside out with everything from the buttons to the pockets. The pants also say: “To create something new you must first destroy“, on small block lettering at the right hand pocket. There is also a weird mesh material hanging from the back pocket. These unique pair of jeans is put up on retail for £368. While it seems expensive, it is actually a sale price and the original price tag on the jeans is an incredible £920.

Unsurprisingly, the jeans and shop carrying them have gotten a lot of reactions from the public, mostly from social media. While some have ridiculed the price, others have taken shots at the bizarre designs of the jeans. “Fashion, go home, you’re drunk,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another person added: “This is fashion taking the micky, people shouldn’t encourage them.”


This isn’t the first time that the designs of Unravel Project have made the news because of its unique and bizarre designs. They also made the headlines for a shirt dress that doubles as a denim shirt and a jean waistband for the price of over £1,111. They also released a denim jacket dress hybrid that costs £567.

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