Indian Restaurant Offers Free Meals to People Affected by Storm

Recently in Auckland, New Zealand, a large storm tore through the region, leaving nearly 100,000 homes without power. For most of these homes, the lack of electricity lasted for days. While this can be disruptive if it lasted for a few hours, it can be very distressing for the families if it lasted for more than a few days.


To be able to help out their local community, the owners of the Satya South Indian Restaurants offered free meals to any of the people that were affected by the storm. The restaurant owners posted on social media and added posters all over the neighborhood, inviting everyone who was affected by the storm for a free meal at their establishment.

“If you know people who have been affected by the power outages please send them to any of the Satya South Indian Restaurants or Satya Chai Lounge tonight,” they wrote on Instagram. “We will feed them and give them a hot drink on the house no questions asked (Of course, we will never say no to sympathizers as well. So effectively all are welcome.)”


The owners of the restaurant, Roberto Giampaolo and Kamesh Kunala said that the idea came from their family and their time honored values of giving back to the local community in times of need. They decided that this was one of those times and they wanted to help as much as they could. So far, there have been a lot of people that have gone to the restaurant for the meals, and there have also been a lot of volunteers that have helped at the restaurant.

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