Buttercream Cake That Looks Like a Coral Reef Goes Viral

A post from a pastry chef went viral when she posted a photo of a buttercream cake she made that looked amazingly like a coral reef. The chef was Etta Piazzolla and she posted a picture of her cake on the website Reddit. She says she feels delighted and astonished that her post got so much attention and went viral.


People from the website have been praising the cake with some people even calling it a work of art. She posted the picture of the cake on the website with the simple caption “I think I nailed it.” The photo quickly went viral and received over 9,000 up votes and hundreds of comments. Piazolla is a 34-year old mother of six from Wisconsin with a small bakery in her small town.

“I’d posted cakes on r/baking before and gotten 50, maybe 80 upvotes and a handful of ‘wow, that’s pretty’s,'” she said in an interview, “To have this post blow up was wonderful. I felt validated in my skills and my tastes and I felt stunned by all the compliments.” Piazolla said she was inspired to create the cake when she saw other cakes with sweet on sweet frosting and she wanted to create a cake that was organic and fun and exciting but familiar and retro.


“I usually use only two tips for a ‘signature’ cake,” Piazzolla said, “This cake, I used eight and it was so much fun. And somewhere in the process of frosting, it started to look like a coral reef and I was just delighted. Once that resemblance struck me, I tried hard to do it justice.”

“At work, I do a lot of baking and decorating, adhering to the ‘signature looks’ my employers have established for their products,” she explained. “On my favorite work days though, I get to let loose and be creative on new flavors the bakery is incorporating into their repertoire because these cakes have no signature look yet. This was one of those days.”

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