This Lyft Driver’s Unusual Car Decor Caught One Passenger’s Eye

By 2 weeks ago

While some Lyft drivers provide their passengers with free snacks and other give out bottled water, others go above and beyond even that.

Thanks to one Twitter user, one Lyft driver has provided their riders with the ultimate service accoutrement: Beyoncé’s face.

“My Lyft driver has random pics of Beyoncé taped inside his car I can’t breatheskkshsjs,” she captioned the post on Twitter, which documented photos of Beyoncé taped to various surfaces in the car.

The video shows Queen Bey’s face stuck to the back of both front seats and the overhead console.

The Beyhive quickly caught wind of the driver’s choice in DIY artistry. “U BETTER GIVE HIM 5 stars !! And a tip,” one Twitter user replied to the post.

“This makes me feel safe,” said another.