This Hilarious Ice Cream Prank Just Made Everyone’s Summer Even Better

By 4 weeks ago

To the delight of viewers, one viral video is topping off the end of summer with a particularly delicious spin on things.

In the Tik Tok video, a Turkish ice cream salesman is seen performing a magic trick, showing off just how good he is at his job. “I know people who would have slapped this man,” said one Twitter user when sharing the video.

Since the video was first shared, it has now amassed over 17 million views. The ice cream vendor repeatedly tricks his customer, whose reaction is nothing to disregard. People are claiming his “reaction shot” was “loud out loud funny,” according to another Twitter user.

Even actor and comedian Seth Rogen found the video absolutely hilarious, calling it “comedically genius.”

The ice cream prank is actually a Turkish tradition, where ice cream sellers try to make their customers grab the cone before pulling it away. The ice cream is made with orchids to give it a “gummy” texture, allowing it to be tossed around without the threat of spillage. It is sweetened with goat milk.