Olivia Rodrigo Discusses That Lyric Change in "Drivers License"

Olivia Rodrigo's historic success with her single "Drivers License" is setting her up for major traction with her debut album, Sour, which drops later this week. However, fans still can't stop speculating over that one lyric from her hit. "You're probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt..." Well, an earlier version of that song used to be about a brunette girl. Fans could only assume that the girl in question was Sabrina Carpenter, who was seen hanging with Rodrigo's ex, Joshua Bassett.

When asked about the lyric change, she said she feels it's only right to keep her music honest. "I'm a super specific songwriter. I always have been," the 18-year-old said. "I think the most impactful songs are specific. Broad storytelling just isn't fun in any art medium." She also added that she feels drama (especially this prospective feud), can detract from the song. "There have been some songs where I've gone back and made revisions to make it a little less specific because sometimes, I think, the drama takes away from the songwriting," she said. "I completely understand people's curiosity. I get so curious about my favorite songwriters and the meaning behind their songs. But songwriting and singer-songwriter music in particular is so special because you can be as specific as you want, but there's still [space to] fill in the blanks."

"Lots of the time, people will fill in the blanks with details from their own life," she went on. "If they don't want to, they can fill it in with details of my life and if that's what makes it impactful to them, that's fine. As long as the song means something to you, it’s all good. I don't take it personally, really. I completely understand. And you know, lots of times, it isn't malicious. Most of the time, I guess. It's none of my business." It's also been revealed that Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff are credited as co-writers on one of Sour's tracks. Let the drama unfold...

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