How One Man Conned McDonald’s Out of $24 Million

By 2 years ago

In 1987, McDonald’s launched its Monopoly game. The grand prize was $1 million—but the average customer never stood a chance against Jerome Jacobson, who, by the time of his arrest, had pocketed over $24 million.

Joining the Force

Jerome Jacobson was born in Youngstown, Ohio, in 1943. Since childhood, Jerome had always wanted to be a police officer. His dreams became reality when he was sworn into the Hollywood Police Department of Florida in 1976…but not for long.

Leave of Absence

While on medical leave for a wrist injury, Jacobson collapsed after experiencing widespread paralysis. He was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. His wife became committed to taking care of him around the clock…

Change of Direction

Because he was unable to return to duty, the police department fired him. This was the start of Jacobson’s new path—as the criminal mastermind behind one of the greatest frauds in history.

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