Hotel Maids Reveal Industry Secrets They Never Tell Their Guests

Snacking On Room Service Plates

Because of the nature of their work, hotel maids often have little to no time to pack a lunch nor eat before they’re needed in another room somewhere. And, because of this, many don’t think twice about helping themselves with a bite or two fresh off the plates of room service before delivering them to the guests.

So, the next time you take a look at your very small, but still delicious room service food, chances are, the maids have had their fill before you.

Ignoring Do Not Disturb Signs

If you ever thought those “Do Not Disturb” signs help keep maids out of your room when you’re outside, you’re dead wrong. Most hotel maids tend to ignore the sign, and you really can’t blame them. They have a job to do and the faster they’re able to do it, the better.

If you really want to keep the maids out of your room, always respond to a knock so they don’t go barging inside your room.

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