Hotel Maids Reveal Industry Secrets They Never Tell Their Guests

What They Do About Duvet Stains


As clean as they may seem, the duvets, coverlets, and sheets actually very rarely get washed. In fact, one anonymous maid on the DailyMail admits to blotting out small stains until they’re barely visible. Additionally, if the sheets aren’t wrinkled and have no stains, they’ll just smooth out the surface and lint roll the bed to make it look like it’s a new sheet

Using Your Bathroom

Earlier on, we told you that maids aren’t afraid to use your bathrooms, and we’re not just talking about using the mirror or taking a piss there. But no, they admit to actually going #2 in your room’s bathroom! Then again, who cares? So long as the bathroom is kept clean and looks fresh, there’s no harm done, right?

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