Hotel Maids Reveal Industry Secrets They Never Tell Their Guests

For most of us, staying in a hotel is always a memorable experience. After all, it’s not always that we’re treated like royalty, with our every whim given to us so long as we can afford it. But, did you know that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes or in some cases, the desk, that we have no clue about?

Retired and active hotel employees, but mostly maids, share some of their industry’s best-kept secrets and you’ll definitely want to take note of them so you get the most out of your stay.

Napping In Your Room

As it turns out, a very common fear among many hotel guests is actually true. One hotel maid revealed that they and other staff members actually do take breaks in the guest’s hotel rooms, especially if it’s a large suite and they have a bit of time to spare. And mind you, they just don’t sleep there, they even use the bathrooms!

So, the next time you check into a hotel, you’d best remember that you’re not the only one sleeping there at the time of your stay.

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