Horrific 14-Year-Old Cold Case Finally Solved When The Unthinkable Happens

By 2 years ago

19-year-old Scott Pritchard tragically lost his life outside of his own home after he succumbed to his horrific injuries. People were scared, his family was in shambles, and the police had no idea who committed the murder. 14 years later, when the case was cold, they were finally given an answer.

Everything Had Changed

An entire family’s life was changed one January night in 2004 when their son was found on their front yard bleeding from his head. When his parents called the police, an ambulance rushed him to the ER as fast as they could. Even the EMT’s were struggling to keep him alive on his way to the hospital. They were fearful that they found him too late…

Losing Hope

Medical officials knew that they had to work quickly. When he was rolled into surgery, doctors knew that the outlook was grim just by how horrible his injuries were… 

Already Vulnerable

Pritchard was already suffering from a broken foot and was only able to get around on crutches, which made him vulnerable. Doctors could tell that his attacker knew that and surprised him due to his lack of “defensive injuries.” It was a random, quick, and brutal assault that doctors were nervous about. It was one of the worst blunt-force injuries they’ve seen…

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