Homeless 8-year old Boy gets His Own Bed for the First Time

In 2012, Dionna Neely lost both her job and her home. Dionna and her son, Daerye, had to live in a homeless shelter for years before they were able to receive housing. That’s when Humble Design found out about the story of Dionna and wanted to help out. Humble Design is a Detroit-based charity that helps with furnishing homes and providing goods for people and families transitioning out of homeless shelters.


“After losing her job, this single mother and her 8 year old son became homeless,” Humble Design shared in a social media post. “They found refuge at a shelter and eventually received housing. When we visited them earlier this week they just had an air mattress on the ground and a few camp chairs. With the help of volunteers from J.C. Miller Real Estate, we are happy to welcome this family home and just in time for Christmas. We think it might be the best Christmas yet.”


When Daerye first saw his furnished room, with the first bed that he has ever owned, he cried tears of joy. Then a few weeks later, Dionna and Daerye were given another surprise. The pair was presented a check worth $10,000 by the U-Haul Company of Detroit, a national partner of Humble Design.

“On behalf of the U-Haul Company of Detroit, and to help you realize your dream of nursing school, I’d like to present you this check for $10,000,” said U-Haul’s Bill Raines. “Congratulations. … You’re an inspiration to us.”


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