Historic Estate for Sale for Only $10

Navigating the real estate market can be a tricky business. If you are looking for a good home for a good price, there are definitely some bargains and solid properties to be found out there. But this estate in New Jersey has to be one of the most unique cases. The 6-bedroom estate is available for sale for the low price of just $10. But before you rush to buy it, there’s a catch.


The house is indeed for sale for only $10, but the buyers will be responsible for moving the current house to another location, which can’t be far from the current address. This unusual sale condition was because of the Montclair planning board. They approved a new 8-lot housing subdivision on the lot, but they don’t want to demolish the historic 2-story brick home. The house was built by a well respected local architect named Dudley S. Van Antwerp, and it was also owned by Aubrey Lewis, a former football star who became one of the first African American FBI agents.


To buy the house from Montclair, the buyers will have to sign an official contract on or before the end of August. The home must also be relocated to a new spot not more than a quarter mile away from the original location in 44 Pleasant Avenue. The buyers will then be carrying the cost for all moving expenses, which includes the cost of uprooting the entire house and moving it to the new location. But the sellers have also announced that they can contribute a maximum of $10,000 to moving the house if it is purchased before the end of the month.

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