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While Finland is not necessarily the North Pole, the country is far enough north to have a penchant for celebrating the Christmas season in style. The country is also the location of the Lapland Safari, and they are looking for professional elves to hire to get their guests into the holiday spirit. They are taking the position so seriously that they are already looking for potential elves to hire for the upcoming Christmas season.


Lapland Safaris is a tourism company that takes advantage of the winter weather to feature activities such as ice-fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and watching the Northern Lights. They have also learned to capitalize on the snow and cold weather to create a special Christmas environment. So it is very important for them to hire the best for the second most important character during Christmas (the first is Santa Claus, of course). The job listing reads as: “An Elf is at the same time an entertainer, a guide, and a mythical creature of Christmas.”


Each elf that is hired by the company will receive elf training through Arctic Hospitality Academy before assuming the hob. They will learn “the required elfing and communication skills” from the academy. Training is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of their background. Training will be conducted in English, but it is also offered in French, Spanish, or German.

All aspiring elves can fill out a form and submit their applications through Lapland Sarafi’s official website. The position starts in November and ends at the beginning of next year. Elf employees have the option to work at any of the destinations of the company in Finland.

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