Have You Ever Tried A Watermelon Tap?

Watermelon seems to be the go-to summer snack, any time any place. They’re refreshing on their own, in a salad, or even in cocktails.

But I bet you’ve never thought about trying a watermelon tap and drinking the juice straight from the melon itself.

At first sight, watermelon tap kits seem to promise to make this hazy summer urge a reality.

Of course, you can’t actually just stab the thing and expect the juices to start flowing. It’s solid in there. Basically, in order for this to actually work, you have to saw the top of the watermelon off, and then scoop out the innards and blend them until they’re liquid. THEN , you can drink from the sweet, sweet watermelon tap.

Worth the hassle? Maybe? I’m unsure.

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