Groom Saves Boy From Drowning at His Own Wedding Photo Shoot

In Canada, a couple was staging a wedding photo shoot when the groom suddenly leapt into the river. He did this to save a little boy from drowning. A few young boys were playing in the area when the groom saw one of them fall in. He immediately rose to the occasion and jumped in the river, in full groom attire, to save the little boy from drowning in the deep river.


The newlyweds were Clayton and Brittany Cook. The couple was posing for photos in a park in Kitchener, Ontario, when Clayton noticed a little boy in the water. He quickly jumped in the water to pull the boy out. The wedding photographer, Darren Hatt, captured the scene and posted the picture of the rescue in his Facebook page. The photos have since gone viral.

“For several minutes these kids were following us, and I was just keeping an eye on them because they were standing close to the water,” Clayton said, “Then while Brittany was getting her solo shots taken I realized only two were standing on the rock ledge. I saw the boy in the water struggling to keep his head up. That’s when I jumped down.”

“Now it’s hitting us more that if we weren’t in the right place at the right time, things may have gone differently and perhaps even tragically,” Brittany said. Brittany also said that such selfless acts were just some of the reasons why she fell in love with Clayton in the first place.

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