Golden Toilet Seat is Put Up For Sale

There are a lot of comforts that a person can have in their life. Most of the people who are lucky enough to have blessed existence deserve to live in the lap of luxury. But where do you draw the line. It is probable with having a toilet seat that is made with gold flecks in its design. Believe it or not, such a seat has recently been made for sale on an online shopping site.


The home department of online retail website Urban Outfitters has unveiled their newest product. It is described as a Gold-Flecked Toilet seat and you can have it for the price of $69-$79. It may not be appealing to most of the consumers out there, but you never know who out there has a golden bathroom looking for the perfect throne to fit into the luxurious toilet.


The plastic seat is made with golden flakes in its design for the most glamorous toilet seats you will see online. The seat comes in two different size, so all toilet owners of all sizes can purchase one that fits their current toilet. The seat is simple enough that anyone can simply set it up in their own bathroom within just a few minutes. Now no one will have to suffer the indignity of popping a squat on a regular porcelain toilet and they can plant their behinds on a truly golden throne.

“Doing your business has never looked so glam. Clear plastic toilet seat + cover with gold-flecked design and hinging structure. Hardware included.” says the listing on the official website.

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