Funny Street Flyers That Will Make You Cry Laughing

It can be hard to drum up business. One of the best ways to get the word out to a lot of people fast is to put up a flyer. However, some people have a little more fun with it than others. Read on to see some of the wildest street flyers…

The Final Fight

If you’ve got $25 to blow and want to see a big guy fight a little guy, we have the perfect suggestion for you.

How Does He Do Convertibles?

Maybe the most unusual skill one could have, but if you’re interested, he can impersonate any car. I heard he’s known for his Ferrari.

American Idol

Do you want to listen to live music alone? Do you love outer space? Do you want to make cash quick? Look no further, Sean is the guy for you.

Weird Detail

London Brown isn’t hiding anything with this “Missing” poster. Keep an eye out!

Time Isn’t Real

This might have been helpful a full day ago, but Time Cop didn’t get his notice up in time. Just to be clear, if you parked here yesterday, you get a ticket.

Not So Lucky

Alf! Don’t eat the cat!

Stay Lost

Maybe Vince isn’t lost. Maybe Vince doesn’t want to be found.

Fly Away

Sorry to say, but this one seems like a lost cause. Harry the fly is probably on to bigger and better things by now.

Celebrity Pet

Is this llama really missing, or is he just bragging? How could anyone lose sight of the BEST pet ever?

Nightmare Dog

Have we seen this dog? Maybe. But we sure wish we didn’t.

Duck, Duck, Dog

There are so many things wrong with this, that it’s so right. Not a dog. No number. An unreadable scribble in the corner. Banksy, you’ve done it again.

A Rare Find

I can’t believe these people found the only living unicorn and just let it loose by accident. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Gone Gertrude

Gertrude is a beautiful, uh, creature, but we’re not sure if “dog” is the right word. “Animal” would work just as well.

Santa’s Secret

This man woke up, put on clothes, and started his day with the intention of ruining a fun holiday tradition for children. Crueler than comedic, this man is a regular Grinch and takes pride in it.

Sporty Pups

Easily the cutest game in sports tradition, we totally understand this person’s stress. Hopefully, a nice neighbor helped them out!

The Perfect Robbery

While they had good intentions, this person didn’t consider the probability that the finder of their keys could easily break into their house. They even know what hours to do it! A terrible flyer and a terrible idea.

The Best Ship is Friendship

Probably not the worst post-breakup hobby, but definitely one of the strangest. Love can be some rough waters, but the sail is worth it.

Yummy Dog

This flyer might look fine at first, but then you get to the last line. What was once a “Found” poster quickly turned into a food review. Ack!

“Slightly Used”

Money can get tight. So when you wake up with a weird purchase, it only makes sense that you’d want to get your money back. This guy just knows good business.

Online Application

This eerie flyer reminds us that Google owns literally everyone. They know everything.

Another Pop Music Hater

We can’t tell if this is sarcastically bashing underground bands or directly bashing popular music, but either way, someone was pissed making this flyer. 

Free Bike!

Bikes are eco-friendly and can save you a lot of money commuting in a city. Unfortunately, they’re often stolen because of how easy they are to sell. This guy took it a little more personal though…

A Perfect View

Some people hate coming home to see people sitting on their stoop. For a small fee though, this person is selling the prime sitting location. Just don’t tell the landlord, and you’ve got street front property.

Poster Portion

This one is pretty meta. Which came first, the poster or the rip? If you find the other half, call the number and ask them what they were thinking.

Who Would Steal A Ladder?

Or…you know…just use the $500 to buy a new step ladder?

Lost Number

Technology has definitely gotten more impressive over the past few years, but I don’t think we’re here yet.  If you feel like guessing the rest of the numbers though, go for it.

Run-On Rant

Life comes at you fast. This guy was having a rough day and honestly just wanted to vent. We get it, man.

An Exciting Opportunity

Think you’ve got what it takes? As long as you know these timeless classics like “boom tis tis boom” you should be a perfect fit.

RIP Aaron

Aaron will be deeply missed, except by everyone he infected with West Nile and Malaria.

Hear Me Roar at the Tone

Sounds like an easy $50 to me. Whether or not your impression is good, it must be so fun to just Chewbacca into someone’s voicemail.

Steve, Please Call Me

Steve had just about had enough of Vince. When he’s good and ready, the friendship might be salvageable. 

Rihanna Found It

Rihanna knew what she was talking about when she wrote this song. Luckily, there’s plenty to go around!

He Did It!

When it finally happens, it’s a big deal. This guy was so excited, he wanted the world the be excited with him.


Haha. Get it?

Frodo’s Fate

This flyer was so funny, they made a whole movie franchise about it!


Spending time with a found animal can often lead to getting attached. That seems to be the case with this horse, who bonded with the finder so well that they’re never coming back. 

Ned & the Dead Geese

A lot of questions in this photo. Where is Ned getting all these geese? Why is he putting them in different yards? How does he still have enough geese leftover to put in his room? We want answers, Ned.

Psych Cat

Either this is a terrible grammar mistake or a nod to the popular experiment known as Schrodinger’s Cat. Hopefully the latter.

Don’t Get Trapped

An unreal amount of effort went into making this poster. Or, maybe we’re stuck in the wormhole right now…

Maximus’s Revenge

Please find Maximus Decimus Meridius before he has his vengeance. In this life, or the next…

Have you?

If you think you’ve seen them, I promise you, these are not the droids you’re looking for.

Lost Contact

Hopefully they can get the papers all back in time to make this flyer!

Man and Girl Lessons

Gender can be a tricky road to navigate, but look no further! Man and wife can easily teach their lessons so you too can bleed or pink!

The Original Ninja Turtle

Before there were the Ninja Turtles, there was him. He crawled so that his descendants could fight, and he is the reason the sewers are safe.

Keep An Eye Out

Now you see this flyer, now you don’t…watch your back…

Quitting Cat

Nicotine addiction is a real problem for some cats, and a little support from the neighbors would be greatly appreciated. 

Problem Printer

We love honest advertising, but it’s still surprising that anyone took the paper slips. Difficult to read, difficult to use, difficult all around. 

DMV Desperation

Anyone who’s been to the DMV knows the struggle. Stealing a wallet is bad, but sentencing someone to a whole DMV day is truly evil.

Puppy Love

Though this one is a little harsh, at least the owner can sleep easy knowing that their dog made a new friend!

An Artist’s Vision

Calling this picture a cat might be a little generous. No contact, no name, no description, no way this cat gets found.

Trombone Toby

Honestly, the wife has a point. This sounds too cool not to try. Toby has tunes.


If it can help brighten a day or serve as a reminder that things will be okay, it seems like a good idea.

Killer Klaus

Sometimes we lose things for a reason. Like Klaus. Klaus’s reason is that he’s terrible.

Looking for Lionel

For all the Lionel Richie fans out there, this flyer would definitely catch some eyes. Pick a favorite lyrics from this iconic song and get it stuck in your head all day. 

Bit of a Stretch

Don’t even ask about the 20s. They’re gone.

Nearby Neighbor

I don’t know him, but he sounds like a good time. Hanging out all night? Has access to a hot tub? Strong, silent type? The party has only just begun!


Facebook fanatics have to get out of the house sometimes, so this satisfies the online craving in the real world. 

Claim This Bird

This pigeon is on the loose! Even though pigeons are generally not domesticated, who knows, maybe this one is! But how can you tell, it’s so poorly trained!

Challenge His Chop

You gotta keep thinking “aobut good Thoughts”, so please bring this man some new items to chop. He’d appreciate it.

That’s Not A Cat

Just like the pigeon, this dumb animal is barely trained. Paul’s taking care of it though, so don’t worry about your cat!

Missed Connection

The library bird used to have some crazy times with Jeff back in college. Back in the good old days…

Snow No!

Just to be safe, of course, don’t want any snowmen coming to life.

I Mustache You To Take One

Not everyone is meant to rock a mustache, but this kind stranger has you covered.

Ron’s Words of Wisdom

Fans of Parks & Rec will probably take a slip of one of these famous show quotes, especially under a picture of Ron Swanson.

Throw Your Hans In the Air!

He has a point!

Dinner Is Served

The store is far away and who wants to make two trips? All it takes is a nice neighbor to donate a bun to make this man’s meal.

Jurassic Park Advertising

Please come quickly, he trapped two kids in the kitchen and we don’t know how to get him out safely!

Paper Patronage

In today’s digital age, it’s common to walk around without any paper. Just in case though, grab a slip of this flyer for the next time you need a blank paper.

Never Alone

You’re never alone with your FBI agent watching over you!

Lessons for Lina

Can someone help control Lina? For $10, please come over and train this cat, she’s mostly bad now.

Motivational Hulk

Because sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else, like Hulk Hogan. 

Movie Reviews

Who need iMDB when you have the kindness of strangers to rely on?

Piece of Mind

Sometimes you have to outsource your validation. 

A Big Break

Every successful drug dealer has to start somewhere.

Lotion Mom

Because having an Etsy shop is just too easy. 

Making an Impact

The confidence alone would tire me out. 

Comic Sans Man

But this one is much more doable! 

Soylent Sidekick

“This dog is a freak that only eats Soylent”

Bloody Belly

*Insert prolonged gagging here*

“Soy, almond, or traditional”

This is the most unsettling advertising on this list by far, and we just saw a bloody belly button flyer. 

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