Fruit That Tastes Like Wine? Rosé Strawberries are Here for Summer

Just when you thought happy hour couldn’t get any better, major produce brand Driscoll’s has introduced a line of rosé strawberries.

Summer is the season to enjoy fresh berries. It’s also the best time of year to drink a chilled glass of crisp rosé. Now, one popular brand’s limited-edition offering has found a genius way to combine these two favorites.

Meet the rosé berry collection from Driscoll’s.

Driscoll’s seasonal offering was inspired by the classic pink wine and both strawberries and raspberries are available.

While neither berry actually contains any rosé wine – or alcohol of any type – the strawberries were “curated” to mimic rosé’s distinct peach flavor, while also boasting a floral finish. They don’t just taste the part, these berries boast a beautiful blush color.

The rosé raspberries were created by Driscoll’s team of breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists, and entomologists who crossbred a combination of red and golden raspberries. Though Driscoll wouldn’t disclose exactly how the strawberries were created, the company reiterated that they are not genetically modified and were bred and grown through traditional techniques.

If these berries sound like the perfect fit for a Fourth of July party, the bad news is they aren’t easy to come by. They are being sold at a limited number of Whole Foods locations in Northern California. On the east coast, you can find them in select cities via FreshDirect and New York City’s Baldor Foods. The berries will only be in season through September.

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