For $500, Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Can Be a Thing of the Past

Cleaning out the litter box is every cat parent’s least favorite chore. Good news—thanks to modern technology, it no longer has to be.

The Litter Robot is making cat care even easier. Executive Vice President of the company, Jacob Zuppke, wants people to know that the Litter Robot is not your standard fare.

“Litter Robot is fully automatic and self-cleaning, so when your cat gets in the litter box, it is going to start cleaning about seven minutes after the cat leaves, automatically,” he said.

The Litter Robot sifts through the clumps and separates them from the clean litter, depositing the waste into a drawer beneath the litter box. It’s based on a weight-sensing system, so if a cat wants to get back in while the Litter Robot is cleaning, the cleaning will cease automatically so as not to injure your feline friends.

Any type of clumping cat litter works with the Litter Robot and can connect to the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, which automatically starts cleaning when the Litter Robot starts its cleaning cycle to avoid your cat tracking litter around the house. It retails for $499.

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