Footlose Self-Cleaning Litter Box Tracks Cats’ Health

The Petato Footloose smart litter box looks like the dream of cat-owners everywhere—especially the ones struggling with pet maintenance.

Footloose is a self-cleaning litter box that works with any clumping litter on the market. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to an app that tracks the weight, excretion volume, frequency, and duration of any cat.

Despite Footloose’s price, the Kickstarter goal was wiped out in only one hour. The litter box clocks in at a hefty price tag, with a $274 discounted rate through Kickstarter and $500 when it ships.

Footloose tracks and analyzes the data so that pet owners can easily notice red flags in regards to their cats’ health, like frequent urination, excessive weight loss or gain, and lack of productive activity.

The self-cleaning mechanism rotates backwards, pulling the unused litter through a grate to isolate the solids, which it then deposits into a sealed compartment. The rotation prevents the cat from entering while the litter box is cleaning. It also uses a deodorizing unit with photocatalysis and a fan.

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