Walmart Has a New Grocery System

Walmart Plus has expanded its home delivery services. 

This will give workers inside access to a customer's home so they can unload the groceries directly into the fridge or freezer.

"It's just the ultimate convenience to know that when you pull on the driveway after work, you can go inside all the things that you ordered are put away safely and left carefully out for you to use," Tom Ward, a senior vice president for Walmart, told Good Morning America.

This will only work with customers who have web-connected smart locks, like a level lock or garage door opener.

"We have a heavily discounted level lock that fits right inside the deadbolt for just $49.95," he said.

Delivery personnel will also wear body cameras that record the entire time they are inside of the home. The footage will be available for live viewing or reviewing at a later date. Dry goods will be left on the counter and perishable items will be put away in the refrigerator. 

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.