Priyanka Chopra Dishes On Her New Restaurant

Priyanka Chopra recently shared that the new Indian dishes from her New York restaurant, Sona, taste almost too good to be true. Thanks to chef Hari Nayak, the menu features cuisine from all different regions of India. Sona sits on East 20th Street near the Gramercy Tavern, and diners can expect foods like mint parathas and roasted-cumin raita. Principal owner Maneesh K. Goyal hopes that Sona will "do what Nobu did for Japanese food, make it a destination for great cuisine, and of the moment."

Robert De Niro helped launch Nobu, and Priyanka Chopra is doing the same for Sona. She is a creative consultant who has no ownership stake but does wonders for media coverage. “I consider her Sona’s muse,” Goyal said. “Priyanka helps elevate and identify all the different ways we can be a global Indian place because she’s a true global Indian.” Melissa Bowers, the restaurant's designer, envisioned the "Art Deco period in Mumbai" as her primary source of inspiration for the decor. 

The dishes are authentic, rich, and expansive, and the menu is about the size of a newspaper with a glossary on the back for easy reading. Sona is being called the "prototype of a celebrity-linked global brand with worldwise aspirations." If you're in the neighborhood, you should definitely consider stopping by. 

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