Firefighters Help Woman with Chores in California

In Ferguson, California, a woman named Brenda Ann Marks thought she was going to have to evacuate her home when firefighters arrived at her door. There have been dangerous wild fires in the area and more than 30,000 people had been evacuated from their premises. But when she realized what the firefighters had in store for her, she decided to tell the story on social media.


“I heard a knock at front door, when opening the door there stood 4 firemen in full gear. I said oh no I have to leave again?” wrote Marks on Facebook, “He Instantly replied ‘No ma’am we’re here to help you, Is there anything we can do?’ I thought for a second no sir. I couldn’t think of anything. He then replied so sweetly do you have a lawn mower? Your lawn needs mowing and we want to do it! So one guy head out and mowed my back yard!!”

“Then the other guy said why is your freezer out here on the deck? Oh I said I still have to clean it out it’s empty of rotten food. I’m going to do that today! He replied well I’m going to clean it out for you. Do you have cleaning supplies bleach, 409, some rags? I said oh that’s ok I can do it. Low and behold before I knew it two of them pick up my freezer at took it over to the gravel out front. Cleaned it and carried back into my home, stepping over water in hallway.”


“I had an ice chest that was leaking water inside the front hallway. Well I’m sure you can guess he took everything out transferring it to a good freezer next to it! I also had a lot of pieces to the inside of the refrigerator freezer propped up in the hall drying from being cleaned. Ma’am can I put these pieces back in the freezer for you. And before I knew it he had put everything back in and screwed down all the pieces taken out to get yuk stuff cleaned up.”

“I started tearing up. I thank them all so much for everything from saving all the homes and helping me out here at my Cabin. God Bless you all! They all gave me a big hug and said nice to meet you Brenda, Cheyenne and Daphne. Thank you!”

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