FDA Approves Drug to Soothe Dogs Who Are Scared of Fireworks

Dogs with noise aversion are more than just scared of loud noises—they may cry, whine, hide, damage furniture, or even experience violent physical reactions. Luckily, the FDA has officially approved Pexion, which may be able to help your pup from getting distressed on rowdy holidays.

Pexion was approved following an evaluation of noise-averse dogs on New Year’s Eve. Its effectiveness was determined after sixty-six percent of owners claimed the drug helped to ease their dogs’ nerves when exposed to loud noises like fireworks.

If Pexion could help your dog, all it takes to secure a prescription is a trip to the veterinarian once the drug becomes available to the public. The drug is designed to be administered to your dog twice a day, starting two days prior to the event, as well as two more on the day of the event itself.

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