Father Recreates Fireworks Inside Daughter’s Bedroom

Fathers would do anything to make their children’s dream come true. This is especially true with fathers and their young daughters. A father in Nevada did something amazing when he recreated a memorable moment from Disney Land Park for his 7-year old daughter. What is even more amazing is that he was able to recreate it inside his daughter’s very own bedroom.


Lyle Coram always knew that his daughter Shelby loved the time they spent at theme parks. But he also knew that Shelby’s favorite part has always been at the end of the day when the park fires off amazing fireworks. She specifically loved the fireworks display that she was able to witness at Disney Land Park. She loved it so much that Coram wanted to recreate it for her.


“We started with fiber optics in the ceiling and then we came up with the projector idea and fireworks on the ceiling.” said Coram. He first came up with the idea a few years ago. It started with a simple projection, but the family kept adding and adding to it. It took three entire months to build at the start. But each time that the family returned to a theme park, they come up with more ideas for the projector and the room. Today, the projector is capable of making special effects like snow. Coram said that when the projector was first reveled to Shelby, she was so shocked.

“She was really surprised. She just laid on the floor on watched them all day,” Coram said.

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