Father Attends Graduation Wearing a Tie His Son Made in 1st Grade

By 4 years ago

Graduation ceremonies are always special for parents. It is one of their most proud moments, and they want to do something special to show their kids how much they appreciate their child’s achievement. For Robert Olivo, he wanted to something special as his son Dylan was graduating high school as a Cum Laude. He showed his appreciation by wearing a tie that his son had made for him when he was just in the first grade. The neck tie was hand made by Dylan over 11 years ago and featured a drawing of a Pokemon.


Dylan tweeted the picture of him and his father, along with a close up of his hand made neck tie. His dad proudly wore the necktie to the graduation ceremony, along with a cowboy hat. Dylan tweeted a picture of the necktie, which features Pikachu, one of the more popular Pokemons, and a few Poke balls. Dylan remembers making the tie, and giving it to his dad for father’s day.


“I made this tie for my dad when I was in 1st grade. 11 years later he wears it to my graduation,” Dylan wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t expect him to really wear it or even have it this whole time. He has never worn the tie before in his life until my graduation day.” A few netizens have remarked on how the depiction of Pikachu is actually an impressive drawing for a 6-year old boy. Ironically, Pokemon which was popular 10 years ago when it had an animated series and trading card game, has become popular again recently because of a popular Pokemon hunting app.

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