Evian Has a New Plastic Water Jug That Shrinks as You Consume the Water

A revolutionary new water dispenser from Evian uses significantly less plastic than the standard type.

Evian (re)new’s design intends to revamp the way in which we package and deliver water while “minimizing our environmental impact,” says Evian’s global brand vice president Patricia Olivia.

The bubble maintains its shape from the water contained inside of it and slowly contracts as the water is dispensed, pushing “the limits of the physics of materials.” The dispenser uses 55% less plastic than a standard 1.5-liter Evian bottle, and holds up to 5 liters of water.

Evian (re)new is also the first Evian product made from recycled plastic. The company consider it a step toward the ultimate goal of becoming a “circular” business and producing all its containers from recycled plastic by 2025.

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