An Entire County in Florida Banned Homework

In Florida, the Marion County Public school informed the families of their students that they will not be giving homework to the children. Instead they will be encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes each school night. According to reports, students can choose what they want to read, and they will also receive help from other students, teachers, and librarians.  This new system of eliminating homework was implemented thanks to a new policy that affects 31 elementary schools in the region.


In the new policy, they instead encourage students to read what they want instead of making them do schoolwork. For younger kids, if they do not have an adult at home to help them read, they can get help from volunteers or even use audio books. The policy only applies to elementary students, so once they enter middle school, they will have to do homework once again.


“We are not only strengthening family involvement and strengthening the child’s love of reading, but we are providing the teachers with more time to teach,” Said Superintendent Heidi Maier, “and in the end, that’s what’s going to make a difference.” She also said that she made the decision based on a study that shows that making young children do homework does not make them academically stronger, but reading every night helps them a lot. The decision has received mixed responses, with some parents praising the change, while others have noted that having homework teaches a lot about being responsible and active in their academic lives.

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