Endangered Red Panda Made Quick Escape From Belfast Zoo

Earlier today, a small red panda somehow got out of her enclosure at the Belfast Zoo and took a tour of the town.

The Zoo was tweeting frantically, asking for any local residents to keep an eye out for the little lady. Apparently, red pandas are known to be mischevious and a little… dumb.

Later on, the same day, Amber was found in a garden in Collinbridge, Newtownabbey, less than a mile from the zoo. Luckily, she hadn’t gotten far!

“We are pleased to report that Amber has been safely returned to Belfast Zoo after a short time exploring the local area,” said the zoo’s manager, Alyn Cairns.

Amber is just a cub. She was born in June 2018 and is almost full grown, but is still a baby and isn’t allowed to take these trips of trips on her own! Seems like she’s already getting into her teenage rebellion stage.

Red pandas are an endangered species. The Belfast Zoo has a family of four in their care. Once Amber was returned home, she was given a clean bill of health.

The zoo experienced a power fault in the electric fence of the red panda habitat, and Amber somehow quickly escaped. Now, she is back with her twin sister, Autumn, and parents, Chris and Vixen.

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