Drones Are Dropping Delivery Food on Backyards

Remote controlled drones are mostly known these days to carry cameras and take shots from great angles in the sky. The lightweight contraption is perfect to carry small devices and capture a bird’s eye view of beautiful landscapes. But Google has partnered with a small business in Australia has found some new and innovative uses for drones; food delivery. Drones are now being used to delivery freshly made burritos down the Australian country side.


Drones loaded with hot burritos are about to start delivering to hungry Australians in a recent project. Google affiliate Project Wing announced that they have been making new tests of its drone delivery service with two businesses in Australia; a Mexican restaurant and a drugstore company. These businesses usually have to take a 40 minute round trips by car to get to the grocery store or restaurant and back. This made them perfect candidates for the experiments with the drones.


James Ryan Burgess, the co-lead of Project Wing, stated that dropping off food items like burritos will help them fine tune the logistics of food delivery and getting the food to customers while it is fresh and hot. It also helps in figuring out how much time the restaurant needs to cook, pack and load each order for delivery. The trials by Project Wing in Australia are the latest move in the race for drone delivery services among the biggest drone brands. The project is hoping that this could be the first step in providing drone delivery services to all parts of the globe.

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