Dog Owners Would Rather Kiss a Dog Than Their Human Partner

Riley’s Organics surveyed dog parents across the country about PDA with four-legged friends—and they certainly yielded some hilarious results.

The findings indicate that dog owners are slightly more affection with their pooches than with their human partners. According to the survey, 52% of constituents said they kiss their dog more often than they kiss their significant others. 61% said they kiss their dogs on the mouth. And 52% also claimed they’d rather share a bed with their dog than a partner

A separate survey done over a year earlier found that more than half of the pet owners they’d polled admitted to ditching social events early in order to hang out with a dog or a cat.

None of these results should yield surprises, though—94% of those polled by Riley’s Organics said they would prefer to stay in with their dog than spend a night out with a human friend.

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