Denim Brand Sells Upside-Down Jeans as The New Trend

Demin maker Cie Denim announced its newest product of jeans that are upside-down. They are designed to make it look like they are upside down but it actually works like normal jeans. They are selling the inverted jeans shorts for $385, and the inverted jean pants are available for retail for $500. It’s a striking new fashion trend that has everyone talking about it.


The new items were posted by Refinery29’s senior fashion market editor, Alyssa Coscarelli. In the photos, Coscarelli is wearing the signature inverted jean shorts. The shorts, named the “Nancy”, are one of a kind in the collection. There are other upside down denim pieces called the “Will,” the “Mike,” the “El,” and the “Lucas”. All of these pieces have a patent pending for their design.

“The upside-down concept was designed to have the familiarity of the classic denim jean we all know and love but with a modern twist,” said Cie Denim’s creative director, Kelcie Schofield. According to Schofield, sustainability was an important part of the design process. Her team decided to make Cie denim piece out of recycled jeans to “help reduce the massive waste left behind by the clothing industry.” Schofield founded the jeans company in 2017.


While many have praised the jeans and they are excited for the items to be available for sale, there are others who are not convinced of the unconventional design. The look is very unique and it definitely isn’t for everyone. But you never know what the next trend will be in fashion. It could very well be these upside-down jeans.

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